New Encoder Wing For Papilio – One Day Only Sale!

Hi there everyone! We are excited to finally have the brand-new Encoder Wing in stock at the Gadget Factory store! We are offering this awesome new product at a special introductory price of $11.99 for the first day only.  That day is today!  I would say take advantage of the sale, because tomorrow the Encoder Wing goes to its regular price of $15.99.

Our friends over at Uberclock (makers of the Smoothie board) actually designed the wing, and they did a great job – it’s never been easier to add Encoder functionality to your Papilio.

The Encoder Wing features an RGB illuminated click encoder and a single color illuminated button. The rotary encoder makes an excellent basic interface device for many projects and we can list some of its features:

  • uses two-channel quadrature gray code and has 24 pulses per channel per rotation
  • the 24 detents per rotation are matched to the quadrature pulses
  • red / green / blue LED
  • Button Features
  • large 12mm button has a great tactile feel
  • built in LED available in 5 colors: red, orange, green, blue, and white

Remember that this is a one-day only introductory sale, so any orders received before 11:59 PM MST *today* will get the special price!


-The Gadget Factory Team

Piano Hero, touch without a touchscreen!

Today we got an exciting project that we want to share with you. A group of students at the Cornell University have developed a virtual piano system that allows the user to play piano on the screen, I know you are thinking that there is nothing special here but what if I tell you that this virtual piano can be played on a simple screen and not on a touch screen!

This is what makes this project so special, users can play virtual piano keyboard on the screen even though it’s not a touch screen:

By hooking up a camera above a monitor, with very simple calibration steps, your monitor is turned into a touch screen! Then, by hitting the virtual piano keys displayed on the screen, you will get the sound as playing a real piano.

The design idea is taken from the “Synthesia Piano Hero” game and it provides two game modes, one is practice mode, in which users could play whatever they want and improve their piano skills, the other mode is play mode, in which users would play songs following graphical instructions displayed on the screen.

Our design is an entertainment tool which could be used by anyone who is interested in music playing but don’t have a piano keyboard. Our design could help users to turn their monitor into a touch screen and play interactively.

Please visit the project home page here For an in-depth look at the hardware design and more.


We have a B/LED Wing overstock! Take advantage and get one for $4.99!

Hello everyone, today we are happy to announce a special offer on the Button/LED Wing 🙂 so if you are a Papilio user and you still don’t have this wing this is a great opportunity to get one for just $4.99 instead of the original price of $14.99 ! Moreover if you plan to buy a Papilio Dev board you can get the B/LED Wing for free (this offer is only valid for orders that includes a Papilio Pro or a Papilio One 500k).

The Button and LED Wing is an 8 Bit Wing that provides 4 LED’s for output and 4 tactile buttons for input. It enables user interfacing with LED’s and Pushbuttons.

Click here to add the B/LED Wing to you shopping cart or choose a Papilio FPGA development board now and take advantage from this offer.

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