Stand Alone YM Music Player with ZPUino 1.0 release.

Hey everyone! To celebrate the release of the new MIDI Audio Wing and ZPUino 1.0 we are releasing a slew of new audio examples. In fact, we made a whole new Wiki dedicated to audio applications for the Papilio. Check it out over at

The first example is a stand alone ym player that lets you load a ym file to SPI Flash and play it back on a model of the YM2149 audio chip without any help from a computer. The YM2149 is the audio chip that was used in popular computers like the Atari ST so there are HUGE repositories of ym files available on the Internet, google is your friend. To get more details, source code, and bit files head over to the projects Wiki page.

Papilio Arcade now easy as MAME with Arcade Blaster App

Here at Gadget Factory we’re happy to announce that the first release of the Arcade Blaster application is now officially available for download!

The new Arcade Blaster application makes it easier then ever to load games to the Papilio Arcade hardware. It works just like MAME, simply provide ROMs that you own and it takes care of everything. You will be up and running with your games in less then 15 seconds. If you’ve been on the fence about buying the Papilio Arcade then wait no longer, the Papilio Arcade is available for $84.99 at Seeed Studio.

The Arcade Blaster is a new multi-platform application that simplifies using Papilio Arcade kit and eliminates the need to directly work on HDL sources.

The new application runs on Windows as well as Linux and both JRE and FTDI drivers are part of the installer however you can still choose the Arcade Blaster compact version If you have these components already installed.

documentation page is also being released at the Arcade Wiki for any information about the application you can go to this page to know all about the installation, requirements, how to use it and more…

The Gadget Factory Team