LogicStart MegaWing

The LogicStart MegaWing plugs into the Papilio FPGA board provides everything needed to get started with VHDL and FPGA development.

LogicStart MegaWing for $39.99


  • Learn VHDL with Mike Field’s free book written specifically for the Papilio and LogicStart MegaWing.
  • Dive into the exciting world of customizable Soft Processor’s with the ZPUino.
  • Explore the VHDL source code of classic video games such as Pac-Man
  • The LogicStart’s VGA output and Micro-Joystick allow all of the Papilio Arcade games to be synthesized.



  • 7 Segment Display – 4 Character
  • VGA Port – 3r,3g,2b VGA Output
  • Mono Audio Jack – 1/8″ Jack, Low Pass Filter
  • Micro-Joystick – 5 directions
  • SPI ADC – 12-bit, 1Msps, 8 Channel
  • 8 LED’s – User Feedback
  • 8 Slide Switches – User Input



Where to buy:

The LogicStart MegaWing is available at Gadget Factory Store

Demo video:

For more information including Peripherals schematics etc.. visit LogicStart Wiki Page

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