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The RetroCade MegaWing provides all of the audio hardware needed to make sweet retro music in one convenient and easy to connect circuit board.

RetroCade MegaWing for $64.99

Hardware Specifications:


  • 2 – ¼” Stereo Audio Jacks with 18 bit Delta Sigma DAC
  • MIDI – In, Out, Through
  • uSD Card for MOD, MIDI, YM, SID, and config files
  • MicroJoystick – 4 directions, Select
  • 2×16 LCD Display
  • 16 Analog inputs for sliders and knobs
  • 16 Digital inputs for switches and peripherals


Where to buy:



Demo video:

For more information about the RetroCade MegaWing please visit RetroCade Wiki Page

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RetroCade MegaWing copyright Jack Gassett, Gadget Factory.