New Encoder Wing For Papilio – One Day Only Sale!

Hi there everyone! We are excited to finally have the brand-new Encoder Wing in stock at the Gadget Factory store! We are offering this awesome new product at a special introductory price of $11.99 for the first day only.  That day is today!  I would say take advantage of the sale, because tomorrow the Encoder Wing goes to its regular price of $15.99.

Our friends over at Uberclock (makers of the Smoothie board) actually designed the wing, and they did a great job – it’s never been easier to add Encoder functionality to your Papilio.

The Encoder Wing features an RGB illuminated click encoder and a single color illuminated button. The rotary encoder makes an excellent basic interface device for many projects and we can list some of its features:

  • uses two-channel quadrature gray code and has 24 pulses per channel per rotation
  • the 24 detents per rotation are matched to the quadrature pulses
  • red / green / blue LED
  • Button Features
  • large 12mm button has a great tactile feel
  • built in LED available in 5 colors: red, orange, green, blue, and white

Remember that this is a one-day only introductory sale, so any orders received before 11:59 PM MST *today* will get the special price!


-The Gadget Factory Team