BPW5008 Papilio Infrared Wing Quick Start Screencast

This screencast shows how to get started with the Papilio Infrared Wing connected to the Papilio Platform FPGA development board.

An example Arduino sketch captures an IR remote control command, saves it in memory, and sends the IR command back out on command.

Also demonstrated is how easy it is to move an Infrared Wing between Wing Slots. This is unique because what is actually being done is that the PWM output, which is static and unmovable on the Arduino, is being dynamically moved to any pin on the FPGA. This provides great flexibility to move Papilio Wings to wherever they are needed and allows up to 6 Papilio Wings to be connected at once.

For more information visit the Papilio Infrared Wing project page at www.GadgetFactory.net

Tutorial: How to use the BASCOM-AVR IDE and the Papilio One to run BASIC programs on an FPGA

Prior to starting this tutorial, you should verify that the FTDI drivers are installed correctly and verify that your Papilio One board is working correctly by following the Papilio One Quickstart Guide.


This tutorial will demonstrate how to easily and seamlessly use the BASCOM-AVR IDE to develop and compile BASIC programs that will run on the pre-synthesized open source AVR8 soft-processor (based on the ATmega103). The AVR8 softprocessor used in this tutorial is optimized to run on Gadget Factory’s Papilio One FPGA development platform, and is automatically loaded to the FPGA when you tell BASCOM to program the device.

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Webpack VHDL Quickstart for the Papilio Platform

Webpack VHDL Quickstart for the Papilio Platform

Welcome to the Webpack VHDL Quickstart Guide for the Papilio Platform. This guide shows how to get a simple VHDL design up and running on the Papilio Hardware. It will cover using Xilinx Webpack to create a project, import a constraint file, synthesize a design, and load the generated bit file to the Papilio Hardware.


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Papilio Platform Quickstart Guide

Papilio Quick Start Guide


Welcome to the Papilio Quickstart Guide and the exciting world of FPGA development made easy. This guide covers the basics of installing the software and drivers needed to load the various projects that you create for or download to the Papilio Platform hardware. It also covers loading a basic, “Hello World” bitstream that blinks pins and outputs an ASCII table over the serial port.

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