Linux Logic Analyzer tutorial done.

I’ve finished the screencasts for running the Logic Analyzer under Linux and have posted them to the tutorials page. I have some more screencasts that I want to record later, they are:

  • Saving a Xilinx design as a svf file that the Linux and Windows Butterfly loader can load onto the Butterfly Light hardware.
  • Using the Xilinx tools with the Butterfly Light hardware. libftdi can fool the Xilinx software into thinking an official Xilinx programming cable is attached. You can use Impact, EDK, and chipscope under Linux with this patch. It is very slow though, I haven’t done much testing besides programming with Impact.

Next steps are to figure out a way for people to post their own tutorials, links, and fpga information. Abhijit Bose is currently studying VHDL and has a lot of great resources that he would post to help other people who are new to VHDL.

I also have been delayed in working on the Butterfly Platform specification. I wanted to have this done by the end of the week but it is looking like I need to reset that expectation. The Linux stuff took way longer than expected.

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