Run Arduino Sketches on an FPGA!

We have an exciting new development at GadgetFactory. The Arduino IDE has been modified to support the AVR8 Soft Processor. The AVR8 is an Open Source RISC processor that implements all the registers and instructions of an ATmega103 processor. With the addition of a new ATmega103 board definition and a special Butterfly Platform FPGA bootloader to the Arduino IDE it is now possible to run Arduino sketches on an FPGA! Why would you want to do this? Rapid prototyping without limits. An FPGA is like a clean slate just waiting to become anything you want. You can do things in hardware with an FPGA that can only be dreamed of on an Arduino. But, it is difficult to design a system from scratch on an FPGA. This AVR8/Arduino project provides an easy to use environment that you are already familiar with that gets you up and running in no time on an FPGA. This provides a great springboard to start exploring the exciting possibilities of an FPGA.

For more information visit the project page.

Watch a screencast to see how easy the Arduino IDE is to use with the Butterfly Platform FPGA hardware.

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