FPGA driving salvaged laptop display.

EiNSTeiN_ over at g3nius.org put together this FPGA hack to drive a salvaged laptop monitor. Great work EiNSTeiN_!

Many laptop LCD’s use LVDS signaling to transfer RGB information; LVDS is a differential signaling standard that allows longer cables that have very good immunity to EMI. It also allows very high speeds on just a few wires,  in this hack 4 LVDS pairs are used for a total of 8 wires. LVDS is used in other well known applications like SATA, HDMI, and DVI.

The Spartan 3A that is used is not able to drive the display at a full framerate, maybe with the Spartan 6 used in the new Papilio board we will be able to recreate this hack at full speed!

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