Papilio Programmer 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of the Papilio Programmer is officially available for download. The new release fixes the bug causing long SPI Flash programming issues, adds improvements to the menu options, and includes a Windows Installer. A new Quickstart Guide with installation videos is also being released at


  • SPI Flash programming takes 3-5 seconds now instead of minutes.
  • Windows installer takes care of everything automatically
    • Drivers installed
    • File associations made
    • Right click context menus made
    • Butterfly Icon associated with bit files
  • Drivers updated:
    • Only one serial port shows up now, the JTAG port is no longer associated with a COM port. This is less confusing since only one serial port will show up for the Papilio board now.
    • USB devices show up as Papilio USB devices now.
  • Papilio Programmer script improvements:
    • Menu makes more sense now, cancel is not used for SPI programming anymore.
    • SPI programming section automatically identifies the type of chip being programmed.
    • Favorites folder added

4 Replies to “Papilio Programmer 1.6 Released”

  1. Great work on the programmer Jack! Already tested it on my Papilio board 🙂

    The only funny thing I found is that if I have the .bit file on a different partition (e.g. D:\…) than where the programmer is installed (C:\…), programming window immediately closes and doesn’t work. Do you have an idea what could be the cause?

    1. Ok, I did some testing and the problem stems from the cd command in the bat file. It needs a /D to tell it to change drives in addition to the directory.

      I’ll be releasing an update with a fix soon.

      In the meantime editing Papilio_Programmer.bat and replacing line 4:
      cd %0\..\bin
      cd /D %0\..\bin

      will get you up and running.


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