Open Discussion: Device Hacking

We found an article on Hackaday about a cool hardware hacking project using the RCA DSB772WE media streaming box.  The article gave us an idea – why not start an open discussion series on the homeblog here?  We’ll start it off with this one.  Because, well, why not?

A Hackaday reader found an RCA streaming media box on the cheap, so naturally he tore it apart to see what makes it tick.  Dude’s working on a project wiki for the thing, and has already gotten a serial console running on the box with a connection to a USB host.  There’s a lot of potential for what could be hacked out of this little gadget, so why don’t you take a look at his project wiki and the write up on Hackaday?

What we want to know, is how would you hack this streaming media box?  To what end?  How?  Let’s start a discussion!

From Hackaday:

“The device is MIPS based and runs the Linux kernel version right out of the box. The networking components are based on the Broadcom BCM7615 chipset, though it looks to [David] that the Ethernet jack was removed at some point during production.

So far, he’s managed to get a serial console running on the device, along with an additional USB host connection. That’s about all the poking around he has done thus far, but seeing as the box can output a 1080p signal over HDMI, it could be a cheap substitute for an Apple TV or similar device.”

(via Hackaday, original article by Mike Nathan)


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  1. I was thinking of using something like this as an advanced remote control device. Having a device like this that has multiple inputs that can be switched to one output would really simplify a lot of remote control functions.

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