FPGA DC Motor Control

Hey everyone! Here is a nice project that we found over at PyroElectro.com over how to interface to an FPGA to allow precise control over a DC motor!

Chris from Pyroelectro wrote a very nice documentation to explain how to use a CPLD or an FPGA to take input from one device and then output appropriate signals to a motor controller IC to get a precise control over the DC motor’s speed and direction.

” The goal of this project is to build a simple one input, one output system that will control a motor. The control input will come from a trimpot and the FPGA or CPLD’s job will be to use the input to create the proper duty cycle PWM output to the DC motor controller.”

To program the CPDL Chris used the VHDL programming language and He used a MAX150 analog-to-digital converter to capture the trimpot analog input, once the analog input is digitized the CPLD he created standard PWM signals and output them to the DC motor controller IC.

Click here to read the whole article complete with full part list, Schematics etc…

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