Tutorial: Running Nut/OS On DE0-Nano For Internet Radio

Courtesy of Emb4fun, Michael Fischer posted a wonderfully detailed tutorial for getting the Nios II soft processor up and running on his Altera DE0-Nano FPGA, complete with Nut/OS.  The tutorial is as about as in-depth as they come. The tutorial comes in three easy-to-follow sections, and is complete with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

The first part focuses on setting up the FPGA to run the Nios-II processor. The second section instructs you on how to compile the Nut/OS for the soft processor, then how to upload it and debug the thing. In the third part of his tutorial you’ll learn how to set up a basic Internet radio project and enjoy the results via your sound system. Sign me up!

If you’re done with FPGA LED blinking projects, its time to do more serious projects that involve soft processors running real time OS. Micheal Fischer suggests his series of tutorials on how to setup Altera FPGA board to run Nios II soft processor and even run Nut/OS on it.

You need to head over to Emb4fun to get all the juicy details! I’m excited to imagine what could be done with this concept in your own projects!

(via Embedds.com)

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