Interview with Clive “Max” Maxfield the driving force behind the legendary AllProgrammablePlanet Blog


While AllProgrammablePlanet blog is no longer online it still remains the stuff of legends. It came out of nowhere and united FPGA enthusiasts everywhere, providing a great community to talk and learn about FPGA’s. It ran for about 18 months under the capable hands of Clive “Max” Maxfield who I had the pleasure of meeting at DesignWest 2013. While browsing the FPGA subReddit I noticed a familiar name and was delighted to come across this really great interview with Max. It’s a very interesting read with some great insights about the history and future of FPGA technology.

Shortly after, as I was putting the final touches on my soon to be released Papilio DUO Kickstarter project I noticed a familiar name again! While scrolling through a list of technology projects to see how mine compares I noticed something odd. A project by “Max & Duane Galactic Enterprises” zipped by and I thought, “Wait a minute! Is that Max and Duane from APP?”. I clicked on the link for a Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield System for Arduino, r2 and to my great delight, again, there was both Max and Duane in the video! So take a look at both and maybe even show some love on Kickstarter. 🙂

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