How To Control A Joystick With Your FPGA

Fantastic tutorial here today about how to add and control a joystick, using your FPGA.

This project is based upon a demo written in Verilog. However, the author used a Basys 3 FPGA board and thus she needed to transfer the Verilog code over to Vivado.

The hardware needed for this project is pretty simple, just the FPGA board, an USB  A to B micro cable and the joystick, which is connected via SPI.

Pretty much an implementation project if you have a Basys 3, Nexys 4 or Zybo FPGA board. You can find the files you need here.

In case you have a different FPGA, you will have to transfer or adapt the files to be read by your required programming environment.

Very easy tutorial that all that requires is you to follow the simple steps and, of course, buy a joystick!

Try this and you won´t regret as a whole new world of possibilities will be open for you and your FPGA, from playing video games to controlling a servo motor…More about this coming soon.

Have fun!


By kaitlyn1franz

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