Watch My Pins! Serial Pro Compatible With Papilio, ZPUino

We’ve got a quick resource list for Alvie’s Serial Pro (SerPro) here for you today.  Serial Pro is compatible with Papilio and ZPUino, and is RPC-like, fast, small and useful for when you don’t want your data to be lost or corrupted. Alvie says,

This library (actually a set of C++ templates) was developed for my arduino oscope, but can be used on any project, and used as-is in both arduino and PC, provided you have a C++ compiler.

Some people have been asking me to write better examples on how to use it, so I decided to give it a quick shot at a very simple one yet powerful. The sketch (if you remove the not yet used PWM code) is 90 lines long.

I decided to call it “Watch My Pins”

This is a GTK+ client for it. From this client you can control arduino pins in a very simple way (a more complex way is on the forge) and also watch your arduino digital inputs.

Here are the resources:

Thanks to Alvie for the update!

(via the forums)

Papilio Arduino IDE 1.5a Now Available

Hi!  So this is just a quick note to let everyone know about an important update for the Papilio Arduino IDE – version 1.5a is out and ready to download!  This updated version integrates the Papilio Loader and AVR8 Soft Processor into the Arduino IDE to allow seamless usage of the Arduino IDE with the Papilio One.

Please consider the version 0018g the stable version and 1.5 the experimental version. If you have problems with 1.5 then please try 0018g.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.5a:  (view full changelog)


  • 1/26/2013 Version 1.5
  • -Upgraded to Arduino IDE version 1.5
  • 1/25/2013  Version 018g
  • -Updated data2mem to 14.1
  • -Updated papilio-prog
  • -Added Papilio Pro
  • -Cleaned up the available boards

Want to grab it?  Here’s the download page for Papilio Arduino IDE version 1.5a.  You can find all versions at this page.

Questions or problems?  Please let us know in comments.

Papilio Arcade User Guide v1.2 Available For Download!

Hi ho!  We are pleased to announce that the Papilio Arcade now has an updated user guide (version 1.2) available for download!

The new guide reflects additional games that are now supported, quickstart guides for ZPUino and Zetris for all you homebrew and indie game developers, more comprehensive information about the Arcade Megawing hardware itself, three new arcade hardware types (Frogger, Galaxian, and Space Invaders motherboards) that support 11 different classic arcade games, and more!

New hardware types and supported games:

  • Frogger motherboard:  Frogger, Amidar, Scramble, The End
  • Galaxian motherboard:  Galaxian
  • Space Invaders motherboard:  Sea Earth Invasion, Alien Invasion
  • Pac-Man motherboard:  Pac-Man, Crush Roller, Gorkans, Lizard Wizard

Download Papilio Arcade User Guide version 1.2

Papilio Bit File Loader GUI Now Available!

We are proud to announce that we have just released a GUI bit file loader for the Papilio!

We already have a command line tool and a dialog based menu interface for loading bit files to the

Papilio but the Papilio Loader GUI 2.0 beta is the first full GUI.   (Stay tuned, Linux and Mac versions coming


New Features:

  • Windows Installer that makes file associations with *.bit files.
  • Write bit files to FPGA or SPI Flash
  • Set preferences for default actions such as writing to SPI Flash and automatically exiting upon completion.

Download and links available:

Go ahead and give it a try! Please report any and all issues and/or give feedback in the comments

section.  What do you guys think?  We look forward to your comments and suggestions!