Watch My Pins! Serial Pro Compatible With Papilio, ZPUino

We’ve got a quick resource list for Alvie’s Serial Pro (SerPro) here for you today.  Serial Pro is compatible with Papilio and ZPUino, and is RPC-like, fast, small and useful for when you don’t want your data to be lost or corrupted. Alvie says,

This library (actually a set of C++ templates) was developed for my arduino oscope, but can be used on any project, and used as-is in both arduino and PC, provided you have a C++ compiler.

Some people have been asking me to write better examples on how to use it, so I decided to give it a quick shot at a very simple one yet powerful. The sketch (if you remove the not yet used PWM code) is 90 lines long.

I decided to call it “Watch My Pins”

This is a GTK+ client for it. From this client you can control arduino pins in a very simple way (a more complex way is on the forge) and also watch your arduino digital inputs.

Here are the resources:

Thanks to Alvie for the update!

(via the forums)

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