How To Build Your Own USB Blaster Compatible Programmer


This post brings you a nice alternative if you need a usb programmer and don´t want to spend the huge amount brands charge nor buy a cheap one from China and wait for the long shipping. Or, in other words, if you just want to build it yourself and have fun.

It´s a very simple approach to build your own USB Blaster Programmer, using a PIC 18F2550 (same as in the original design), apart from the micro, you will only need some passive elements. This design is for a 3.3 V level. You can easily get around this by adding some level shifters. The Eagle files for the PCB are available here.

Finally, you might be wondering why I said the original design. This USB Blaster Programmer design belongs to a Japanese guy who published it some time ago (yes in Japanese). You can check the original tutorial, for which you will need the help of Google, if you can´t read Japanese. It´s necessary to read it as you will find the part list, circuit diagrams and some helpful tips (you will need to read more than one time as it´s a machine translation…).


By somun

New In The Store: USB Battery Pack & 1/8″-1/4″ Audio Adapter

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Product info:

  • Uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries or 4 AAA Ni-MH batteries to power your Papilio and other devices
  • You can also recharge 4 AAA Ni-MH batteries from the USB port
  • Input: DC5V/400mA
  • Output: DC5V/400mA
  • Interfaces: USB+USB 5pin
  • Comes with USB charging cable
  • Batteries not included

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8 channel USB Digital Signal Injector

Here is an interesting project we found over at the project is called Kidogo, it is an 8 channel USB Digital Signal Injector. Definitely worth a look:

“Kidogo system consists with Signal Editor and USB interface module. Kidogo Player is the Signal Editor of the Kidogo system and it can support up to 512 time slots (each range between 1ms to 1s) with 8 channels.”

The Kidogo Player is designed for Microsoft Windows OS and it has many features, we can list some of them here:


  • Save waveforms and settings as binary file or export waveform as a text file
  • Playback controls such as “Play to segment”, “Play from segment”, “Step back”, “Step next” and “Clear”
  • Shifting and rotating waveforms
  • Invert, Reset, Clocking and Binary Generator functions
  • Mute function to each individual channel
  • Launch without any installation or configuration


Kidogo is an open hardware project and the original article is complete with full source code and PCB designs.

Click here for the article, enjoy!

Feel free to discuss this project in the comments thread.

(via, original article by Dilshan)

Read the article to watch a video showing a 3D view of Kidogo USB Interface and read the text from the youtube video page.

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