Logic Sniffer Test Release 2.12 – Dynamic Memory Depth

A little while back we posted a call for help with the OpenBench Logic Sniffer project. The challenge was to add dynamic memory depth to the OpenBench Logic Sniffer VHDL code. Jochem Govers stepped up to the plate and submitted an excellent patch that does the job perfectly! As a prize for answering the challenge we sent Jochem a brand new Openbench Logic Sniffer!


Here is a screencast demonstrating the new functionality:


With the new patch it is possible to dynamically change the memory depth directly from the OLS client by simply selecting channel groups. If four channel groups are selected then 6K of memory will be available, if two channel groups are selected then 12K is available, only one selected group gets the maximum size of 24K.


We have integrated his patch into the code and initial testing works great for us, the next step is Test Release 2.12. If you have some time please download this test release and load it to your OLS, we think it is going to be a huge improvement for OLS users.


Please direct any questions or discussions about Test Release 2.12 to the forum.


We would like to continue the tradition of a challenge with a prize for the best solution so we are putting out the following challenge. Whoever comes up with the best way of implementing a real time capturing mode for the OpenBench Logic Sniffer will receive a Papilio One 500K or $70 credit in the Gadget Factory store. The realtime capturing mode should allow someone to select a realtime mode in the client and then stream and display captured data in realtime. There is obviously going to be a limit for how fast data can be captured but we should be able to capture 8 channels at 500Khz-1Mhz with the USB port being the limiting factor.


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